About Us

  Rabbi Yitzchak Itkin was born in Scranton, Pa. where his father is the rabbi of the Chabad synagogue. He grew up in a home known for its warmth and hospitality. He studied in Yeshivos in New York and Israel culminating with his graduation from Rabbinical college in Atlanta, Georgia in 2006. Rabbi Itkin sets high goals for himself, and went on to study Dayanus, which would enable him to be a practicing judge according to Jewish law. After he got married in 2007 he completed this course under the auspices of Rabbi D. Shochat a world renowned Dayan, a Jewish Judge.  

  He has been involved in establishing new Chabad centers in Smolensk, Russia and Ho Chi min right pic.JPGcity, Vietnam. He directed a learning program in Rostov, Russia and ran camps and programs throughout the U.S. and abroad. Yitzchak loves working with people, those who are part of a community; as well as those that are taking their first steps in discovering their rich Jewish heritage. He is known for his warmth, wit and sincere and pleasant demaneor.

   Mrs. Chana’le Itkin was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in the vibrant Jewish community of Crown Heights. She studied in the Associated Beth Rivkah Schools and graduated with honors in 2005. She went on to complete a year of advance Judaic studies in Tzfat, Israel 2006.

  In addition to her summers spent working with youth in Colorado, California, Ukraine and Switzerland she has years of experience as a successful and innovative elementary school teacher. She is known for running successful and creative programs as well as her easygoing and fun personality.

  Rabbi Yitzchak and Chana together with their son Meir moved to Kansas City, MO in March of '08, with a mission. A mission to establish a new Chabad center; a place where every Jew feels at home. Singles events, holiday programming and learning classes will be part of their initial focus in Kansas City. They look forward to working together with the wonderful and warm people of Kansas City to establish a thriving Jewish center.